How Can I Prevent Capsular Contracture?

I currently have Capsular Contracture...I am planning to have it surgically removed. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?  Does Accolate help?

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Capsular Contracture

It have been postulated that capsular contracture can occur for many reasons. What the patient can do at best is to follow your surgeons directions. Do aggressive massage and possibly Accolate. There is one study that I know about for the use of Accolate and capsular contracture. I have used Accolate in certain cases where patients have had recurrent capsular contracture and have done well. But this is an off label use and you as a patient need to be aware. Also, yes there can be some severe complications with Accolate, although very rare. Good luck.

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You have to work at it.

Capsular contracture has been postulated to be the result of several mechanisms: low grade irritation from skin bacteria, irritation from excess blood in the implant pocket, aggressive local reaction to the silicone in the implant shell, and others. You are being treated correctly. You may want to ask that the implants be placed under the muscle as this is thought to help decrease the risk of capsular contracture. Post-op massage might also be helpful. Preliminary data suggests that Accolate may help, but evaluate its potential risks with your physician before proceeding. Good luck.

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No great answer

No one is quite sure why capsular contracture occurs. Some feel it may be related to a subclinical infection, or previous hematoma, or may be something innate in certain people. however, treatment is usually removal of the capsule and replacement with new implants. Accolate has been suggested by some although there is no strong evidence to support its use. Accolate also has side effects which although rare can lead to liver problems.

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