How Can Bruising be Prevented after a Silikon 1000 Lip Treatment?

Is bruising due to filler ingredients or surgical error?

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Minimize Bruising with Lip Injections

First of all, disregard the other physician's answer. Silikon 1000 (liquid injectable silicone) is an excellent filler for lip augmentation. In addition to being permanent (which is not a bad thing!), it is very precise and gives very natural-looking results.  In the hands of a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon experienced in injecting Silikon 1000, it is an ideal filler.  To avoid bruising at your next treatment, you can try taking Arnica a few days before the treatment and continue it through 2 days after the treatment. A lot of bruising depends on the technique of injections, luck and the post-treatment physician protocol. We have patients hold firm pressure with gauze for at least 10 minutes after the treatments which helps to minimize a lot of bruising. 

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Please avoid silicone in your lips!!!!!

Permanent fillers can cause permanent problems!!  Impatient consumers who are looking for a permanent fix can get into unfixable problems with permanent fillers.  I once had to remove half of a patient's upper lip because of silicone nodules like grapes and even then couldn't get it all out.  Don't make this mistake, use temporary fillers.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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