What is the Prevailing Opinion on Performing Abdomnioplasty Right Before or During Menses?

I looked all over the internet and could find no answer. It seems counterintuitive to me to have an abdominal surgery when the area is already sensitive and swollen, but I can't find any supporting facts either way.

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Tummy tuck surgery during menstrual cycle

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Yes, it would be better not to have surgery during the menstrual cycle because of high estrogen levels, bleeding is more common. But, as a practical matter, it is very difficult to have any procedure done at the exact "right time" for even the anxiety of surgery can cause the menstrual cycle to start. Fortunately, this should not unduly affect the surgery-just make it a bit more time consuming if more bleeding occurrred. See my video.

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What is the Prevailing Opinion on Performing Abdomnioplasty Right Before or During Menses?

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No, menses around or during the time of surgery will not do any harm. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

Cosmetic surgery and menses

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The timing of cosmetic surgery based on your menstrual cycle is purely theoretical.  While it may seem logical and important to consider this issue, the reality is that when the surgery date draws near, the stress of that can trigger a change in your cycle and destroy even the best laid plans.  In reality, it doesn't really matter clinically which is fortunate because the last thing a busy plastic surgeon can do is build their surgery schedule around the menstrual cycles of all the patients.

Abdominoplasty and Menstruation is a Non-Issue

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The only reason for postponing a planned Abdominoplasty because of menstruation is to improve your postoperative comfort. The degree of lower abdominal swelling seen before menstruation is not as massive as you may think.

An Abdominoplasty is performed to put together the separated 6 pack Rectus muscles, tighten loose tummy muscles, narrow the waist and remove loose tummy skin. All of these goals are met equally well in menstruating women and I have not yet seen any difference in results between those women who were not menstruating at the time of the surgery as compared to those who began their period during surgery.

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