Im Pretty Sure I Have Tubular Breasts. Can Breast Augmentation Correct This? (photo)

I have a lot of insecurities about my breasts and have been thinking about getting breast augmentation for a wile now. I have some concerns about getting my breasts done because there shape and the way their spread apart. From my pictures what do you suggest I do to correct my problem

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Breast augmentation and tuberous breast

You do have components of a tuberous deformity. You certainly can have implants but you will need a lift as well.

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Tuberous or tubular breasts are not common

Thank you for submitting your question!  The images show breasts that are sagging and widely spaced apart, which is likely why you are not so happy with their appearance.

I would recommend defining what you would like to look like, and select a surgeon that is experienced in creating your preferred outcome with patients that have your anatomy.

Defining your desired outcome is just as important as selecting the surgeon, the specific procedure used is somewhat secondary.

I would recommend a peri-areolar lift with implants for increased shape and fullness.

Best wishes for a successful outcome!

Mario Diana, MD
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Tuberous Breasts and Breast Augmentation and Lift

    You do have constricted breasts, wide spacing, and tubular breasts.  A breast augmentation can be performed if you want more volume.  Breast lifting techniques are incredibly useful in this situation to create rounder more lifted breast mounds.  The effective space can be closed as well.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations and breast lifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Tuberous Breasts?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Although your breasts do demonstrate some of the characteristics seen with constricted/tuberous breasts ( such as widely spaced breasts and large areola),  I would not classify your breasts as “tuberous”.

 Depending on exactly what your goals are, you may benefit from breast surgery at some point. For example, breast implants may be helpful in increasing breast volume and/or decreasing the space between the breasts.

 Furthermore, breast lifting/areola reduction may help improve the position of the breasts on your chest while as well as the size of the areola.

 When the time is right for you, seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients in your situation.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Not tubular breasts

You do not have tubular breasts. You also should not feel insecure about your breast - the photos show perfectly normal breasts. There are as many different shapes, sizes, proportions and symmetries of breasts as there are women (and men) on earth. Yours are normal.

If you choose to use surgery to change the appearance of your breasts, your surgeon will take into consideration all the characteristics of your breasts. Your breasts do share some characteristics of tubular breasts which will impact what your surgeon does and the outcome you can expect. You may be offered a lift with implants or told you will still have wide cleavage with implants.

Armin Moshyedi, MD
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Surgery for tubular breasts

You do appear to have tuberous breasts. To correct this, you need more than just the regular breast augmentation procedure. Tuberous breast correction is a very meticulous and specialized procedure and should only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in this area. I prefer using a breast implant in conjunction with a periareolar incision for reconstructive tubular breast surgery as it provides the highest degree of control and accuracy when placing the implant. This surgical technique results in a natural, symmetrical, and full breast appearance. In order to restore a more ideal and rounded breast shape, you may also recommend a breast lift along with the augmentation. Each patient with tuberous breasts is unique, and so is their surgery. I would need to consult with you in person to determine the best tuberous breast correction surgery approach. 

Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS
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Im Pretty Sure I Have Tubular Breasts. Can Breast Augmentation Correct This

You have tuberous shaped breasts.  It will take and augmentation and a lift to fully correct this problem.  Please see a board certified Plastic Surgeon.

Thomas Guillot, MD
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Tuberous breasts

 There are a number of features that define a tuberous breast:

•Wide and puffy areolae
•widely spaced breasts
•high breast fold
•constricted lower pole (deficient tissue in lower half of the breast
•minimal breast tissue
•high breast fold
•narrow base of the breast

Several, but not all of these are apparent on the photos. 

The surgery for this problem is customized to the patient's anatomy and goals, but usually includes implants (unless the size is satisfactory) and some form of breast lift to elevate the nipples and areolas, and to reduce and sometimes centralize the areolas. 

It will not be possible to make an online plan--best to seek a consultation with a plastic surgeon. When you are ready for an in person consultation, RealSelf has listings of surgeons in your area. You should consider cross referencing the listings from the The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (plasticsurgery dot org). A listing in the ASPS website assures you that your surgeon is not only board certified,  but also is a member in good standing of the major plastic surgery organization in the U. S. Thank you for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Tuberous breasts

Hi, your breasts do appear to have a tubular shape, but you have a decent amount of volume.  If you like the size of your breasts in a bra, then a lift alone might be all you need.  If you would like larger breasts, then you will need a lift and implants in conjunction with a release of any constricted breast tissue.  I suggest seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area with expertise in this area.  Best wishes,/nsn.

Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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A Breast lift and augmentation can help your breasts

Looking at your pictures, it doesn't seem that you have tubular breasts. They may be slightly tube-like in shape, but I wouldn't define them as tuberous. Tuberous breasts tend to be more constricted, particularly around the nipple/areola. However, your breasts seem to be just spaced a bit far apart and a level of ptosis exists. While breast augmentation can certainly increase their size and lessen the space between them, it won't correct their overall shape. You'll most likely need a lift to address ptosis. A breast lift and augmentation will improve your contour.

Good luck!

Jerome Edelstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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