Pretty Sure I Pulled (Dissolvable?) Suture from Up Inside Nose After Open Rhino at 8 Weeks; Nose Swelled. Am I Okay?

Now, after sleeping on it, it's tender, but not shape is lost. It's definitely tender to the touch/eye, though, & a little brown on the bottom. I've applied icing, am taping, & notified my surgeon. I can feel something in there (thought it was mucus--guessing it was the stitch.) Am I safe? It's still sore/throbbing a little. Can I apply arnica?

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Suture postrhinoplasty removed

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In a post rhinoplasty after two months, there should be little complications other than potential infection at the removal site. Many surgeons use sutures within the nose that biodegrade within a short time from completion of tbe proceedure. If you are experiencing continuing pain,redness, or swelling contact your surgeon and if other sutures within the nose present get the surgeon to remove them.

Montgomery Facial Plastic Surgeon

Internal suture pulled out of nose after 8 weeks not a problem

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The sutures in your nose are most likely dissolvable and it is not unusual for them to fall out after 8 weeks.  This should not be a significant problem.  

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