Why Won't Pressure Work to Reshape Nose?

Since the nose is mostly water and is made of cartilage, why wouldn't pressure work on reshaping it? Are there any scientific evidence or articles talking about this?

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As I understand it, there are three basic states of matter on Earth, solids, liquids, and gases.  While it is true, many solids (e.g. polymers) are more malleable than other solids (heated wax, clay, silcone gel, etc.), bone, skin, cartilage, and soft tissue of the nose are all less malleable solids.  Some components of the nose are dynamic, and deform easily in response to energy applied as pressure, but beyond their modulus of elasticity, these structures will break.  Elasicity of skin and cartilage exceeds elasticity of bone... and thicker cartilage less elastic than thin. 

To reshape the nose significantly, component structures are traditionally resized and/or shaped as a sculptor would resize and shape other non-malleable solid media (wood, metal, etc.).

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