Will Lustra Help with Hyperpigmentation After TCA Peel?

I was prescribed Lustra for my hyperpigmentation caused by a 25% TCA peel. She also told me that birth control pills could have been a playing factor;my recovery will take a minimum of 3 months. Is this medication a good recommendation? Can I use other products simultaneously with Lustra? Can I do another procedure in a month? 5 weeks have passed.

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Lustra is an option; wait at least 3 months after 25% TCA

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Lustra is an excellent option to be part of a comprehensive skin care program to enhance the benefits of your medium depth peel. Talk to your dermatologist about retinoids, growth factors, sunscreens and antioxidants as well. We do light peels monthly but I recommend a 3 month wait after a medium peel and 6-12 months after a deep peel.

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