Can't Stand Straight After Tummy Tuck - Due to Lack of Flexeril?

i didnt take the prescribed flexeril after my TT. is that why i cant stand straight after two and a half weeks? I was worried about the heart related side effects. Would it help to take it or do I need to just wait. My whole abdomen is tight and my hips are flexed inward.

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Difficulty standing straight after a Tummy Tuck

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The main reason why many women cannot straighten after a Tummy Tuck is because of tummy pain. The result - they are hunched over and begin having back muscle pains which make it harder to straighten up.

I numb the muscle lining with a long lasting anesthetic (which I found works better than pain pumps). My patients have some tightness and NO tummy pain for almost a day after surgery. The level of discomfort later is much less than they imagined AND they all walk straight!

Walking hunched over ("Grouch Marx pose") for over 2 weeks after surgery is very prolonged. You need to take whatever may work for you to allow your back muscles to soften. You may even need a spine block to break the pain cycle.

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