Best Way to Prep my Skin for the Triniti Series of Laser Skin Treatments?

I'm scheduled to begin Triniti laser therapy next month. I'm wondering if there are any topicals that will help prep my skin beforehand, or if I should avoid certain things.

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Skin preparation for laser procedure

Yes there are, stick to the basics:

1) Avoid sun exposure 4 weeks prior

2) Stop smoking 4 weeks prior

3) Retin A and Hydroquinone pre conditioning, but stop these a few days in advance

4) Avoid spray tanning or tanning lotions

5) Purchase and use a good physical block sun block of spf 30

6) Valtrex pre treatment per your cosmetic physician to prevent cold sores from treatment

7) Take good care of your skin afterwards to maintain the results

Take care.......Dr. D

Louis M. DeJoseph, MD

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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