Do I Need Premolar Extracted with Invisalign? (photo)

I've been for two Invisalign consultations so far. Now I'm really confused. The first place I went to said it'd take about 9mths and it was straightforward process. The second place said 12mths plus and Id have to have 2 premolars removed (1 each side) to allow more movement. Its my lateral incisors that are pointing out and theres no space between the premolars right back to wisdom. Ive heard if you dont have teeth extracted Id have a wider smile? will this affect my face shape also?

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Sometimes extractions not necessary with Invisalign.

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As I can see from your profile pix that your chin is a bit recessive,so it may be a good thing to keep all your teeth and simply make space for them without extraction. Any invisalign provider can take impressions on you and submit your case and then make the choice to extract or not once the 3d image is ready. We can do the case with and without extractions then choose whats right for you and your dentition. Both offices were correc`t in their assessment of you but should have told you more about the choices....Dr Thomas

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Premolar ectractions are not necessary for Invisalign

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From your occlusal photo you need the central incisors uprighted and The lateral incisors pulled back This can be achieved within 12 months with arch expansion and maybe Mild interproximal stripping Premolars only extracted if your overjet is greater than 10mm Dr R Kumar

Invisalign options extraction or not

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From the pictures you have provided, in my opinion you do not to have extractions to straighten your teeth.  This is a very straightforward mild crowding case that would take 9 months to a year in my office.  I would not recommend that you have any teeth extracted. 

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