Does a Premaxillary Implant Change the Appearance of the Nose?

Does a premaxillary implant have the potential to change the appearance of the nose I like my nose but want more fullness between my nose and mouth. Can it make the nose appear "snout like" also if it is put in intranasal will there be alot of swelling and widening of the nose, when can it be expected to resolve if so?

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Pre maxillary implant

The premaxillary implant is for weakness in the area of the nasal sill and upper nasolabial folds.  It will increase projection of the base of the nose, and perhaps open the columella-labial angle to a degree.  By increasing projection of the premaxilla, a retruded upper lip is pushed slightly forward as well.  Rhinoplasty Case 24 on my website has a premaxillary implant.

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Nose implant results

It can change the appearance if your nose is small, or not projected.  If the implant is too big it can give the snout like appearence.  There will be a lot of swelling but with the appropriate implant there will be no widening.

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Premaxillary implants

A snout like appearance occurs when the tip is elevated/the bridge is shortened so much that the nostrils are completely visible on forward gaze. You should not get that amount of tip elevation with the premaxilary implants commonly in use. Most of the implants are either U-shaped to cover the bottom and lower sides of the nasal opening in the skull. Some come as 2 separate L-shaped implants. These are best placed via an incision in the mouth than an incision in the nose although some surgeons place different shaped premaxillary implants via incisions inside the nose.

As people age the bone at the base of the nasal opening in the skull recedes. This contributes to deeper nasolabial folds (laugh lines) especially near the lower nose cheek junction and tip drooping that accompany the aging process. Placement of these implants for cosmetic purposes is meant to counteract these aging changes.

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