Premaxillary and Paranasal Implants. What's the Difference? (photo)

I wanted to know what's the difference between premaxillary & paranasal implants. Their position andhow each of them will affect my my nostril flare(width) &my tip projection.I had rhinoplasty &a columellar strut to treat my slight columellar retrusion. I have a slight overjet in my top four teeth to make up for a bit of premaxillary retrusion that I have-the rest of my teeth have a good occlusion& alignment though. Also do I even need them-I feel l have some midface retursion&sunken nasal base

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Mid facial implants

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Like all things in medicine - some definitions are notnabsolute

the terms you used are both likely describing implants that would be placed on either side of the pyriform aperaturei- ill bet that's what your md is referring to.

with that said the affect of nostril wisth is unpredictable but likely miimal

They are unlikely truly Change tip projection but may create the appearce of less projection of the nis overall as the face as the base for the nose moves out a bit

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