Premature Skin Aging at 28

I am a 28 yo female and during my 20s often drank and smoked heavily. I also suffered from acne and have icepick scars on cheeks and chin and also lines caused by BP. I am now quite healthy but am left with thin skin, fine lines, rough skin texture, tired looking undereyes and the beginnings of labionasal folds. I gave up smoking just a month ago, can I expect to see any improvement in skin thickness and texture? I am also considering fraxel laser, in particular the palovia. Any advice?

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Wrinkle Treatments for Premature Aging

seem to already have signs of pre-mature aging. Two treatment options are Fraxel and Spectra, which both stimulate new collagen production to address unevenness, age spots and wrinkles to varying degrees.

Fraxel offers three fractional laser models that offer versatility. A Fraxel re:fine, Fraxel DUAL 1550/1927 or Fraxel re:pair treatment will be determined by your dermatologist. The best solution for you is dependent on the severity of your premature aging and skin tone. The non-ablative re:fine and DUAL may be used on all skin types. The ablative re:pair is only used on light to medium skin tones.

Spectra is a dual mode Q-switched laser. Its four wavelengths of 532, 585, 650 and 1,064-nanometer wavelengths also offer versatility for treating many of your skin issues. Spectra may also be used on those with darker skin and pigmented lesions.


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Skin aging

A fractional CO2 laser such as the SmartXide DOT can improve acne scars, fine lines, rough skin texture, and can thicken collagen.  You probably have volume loss and would benefit from fillers under your eyes, cheeks and nasolabial folds.  Sun protection, tretinoin cream and anti-oxidants are important to use daily.  Please consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who offers all of these treatments.

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Premature Skin Aging at 28

Laser resurfacing would be a good option to tighten your skin, shrink pores and regularize any pigmentation issues. It sounds like you might also have early volume loss which won't be treated by laser resurfacing. The best option for replacement of volume is a dermal filler which can be injected during a brief office visit. The combination of skin tightening and volume replacement can have dramatic effects especially in a patient your age. That said, a consultation will allow you to get specific recommendations of what will help you achieve your goals rather than general advice. I hope this information is helpful.

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Premature Skin Aging at 28

We offer the DOT Co2 Fractionated Laser Resurfacing in our practice.  At 28 years old you sound like you would be a good candidate for this procedure.  Of course a photo would be more helpful.  The Laser Resurfacing would help to re-stimulate collagen over several months after the procedure to help thicken your skin and also resurface your texture to help with lines.

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