I Just Found out I Am Pregnant,but Had Lipo & a Breast Lift/implants 1 Month Ago.

What are the chances of this being a normal pregnancy? I am scared my surgery could affect my babies health & development. This was obviously an unanticipated occurence, my husband says the surgery worked "too well" & ended up with us being in this predicament (despite using birth control!) My concern for my baby is paramount at this time!!!

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Getting pregnant soon after cosmetic plastic surgery

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IF the conception occurred after the surgery and you were off of medications, I do not beleive that you should have much concern. However, I am somewhat impressed that you could have recovered so quickly to concieve. Are you sure that you did not concieve prior to the surgery? In this instance, I would discuss your concerns with your obstetrician. Prenatal evaluation may be indicated to best answer your questions and you may require additional testing. For now, eat healthy and avoid medications under the supervision of your obstetrician

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