Pregnant 2 Months After Stopping Roaccutane?

Will this be alright? I stopped my roaccutane on the 30th january so was off it 2 months when began trying..Have just found out im pregnant and wondered if 2 months is ok? I had my 2/3 withdrawal bleeds since stopping roaccutane but from the other answers you recommend waiting 1-2 periods before trying, does this count for 1-2 withdrawal bleeds instead? As we conceived 1month after coming off pill. Just concerned i didnt wait for a 'real' period but rather a cpl of my withdrawal bleeds.

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Pregnancy after Accutane

The FDA says it's safe to conceive 1 month after stopping Accutane. Based on your timing, you are just fine because you were off it 2 months before even trying, so you're long past the window they give.

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