Would Getting Pregnant Help Stretch out my Too Tight Groin and Pelvic Slope After Belt Lipectomy? (photo)

I'm running out of options. I need more skin to cover front of body that was shortsheeted or somthing. Quadricep functionality swaddled too tight to make up for some dimensional oversight during buttock lift. I had no idea the front of my legs would be altered this much. My legs and pelvis were never even looked at during preevaluation exam. I thought this dangerous area would be avoided at all cost because of my documented history of pelvic/sacral incidence and pelvic assymentry

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Tightness After Belt Lipectomy

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    Pregnancy would be a pretty drastic measure to increase skin laxity, and I would not recommend it.  I do not know how you looked preoperatively, but the results look really pretty good.  If you are less than a year after surgery, the tightness will get better.  If you are later in the postoperative period, this is a complex issue which could include tissue rearrangement or tissue expansion.  Please converse with your surgeon about these measures.

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