Just Found out I'm Pregnant and I Had Facial Hair Removal 1week Ago-should I Be Concerned?

Is it possible to cause defects or M/C?

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Laser hair removal and pregnancy

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I would discontinue any cosmetic treatments including laser hair removal during pregnancy.  I would consult with  your gynecolocist and treating dermatologist.  General consensus is that it hasn't caused a problem but it is important to check with your doctor.

Laser hair removal during pregnancy

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Although there is no evidence to suggest a potential risk to the fetus for pregnant women undergoing laser hair removal, treatment of any non-urgent conditions during pregnancy is discouraged. No need to worry but it would be best to postpone any further treatments.

Pregnancy and laser hair removal

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In my opinion you are going to be just fine. Laser hair removal to the facial region shouldn't affect a growing fetus. It is best to stop all treatments now that you know, but a treatment done to the face for hair removal is so minimal I cannot imagine any harm having been done.

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