Can I Get Pregnant After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

I can't eat for two - I don't even eat for one. Will the dietary restrictions and vitamin supplements post-surgery affect my ability to get pregnant or have a healthy baby? I'm worried that my baby won't get the nutrition it needs.

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Pregnancy after Gastric Bypass Surgery

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We recommend waiting at least 18 months after gastric bypass surgery before getting pregnant.  After 18 months most patient's weight have stabilized and it is safe to get pregnant.  We do recommend following up closely with a high risk Obstetrician and your baraitric surgeon during the pregnancy.  I have had many apteints with completely normal pregnancies andthere are papers publishing showing that it is safe after 18 months.  Some aptients get pregnant much easier after gastric bypass surgery so be careful!!!

Pregnancy in Post-Bariatric Women

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Bariatric surgery is NOT a "have it and forget it" surgery. It is an operation which requires lifetime follow up with the surgical team ro make sure your nutrition is properly maintained while caloric intake is greatly reduced. As a post-bariatric surgery patient you will have your nutritional status closely monitored and should NOT be nutritionally depleted. As such you may fall into a higher risk OB group but there're many women having these procedures who are carefully followed before getting pregnant to makesure the babies are well. Ask your Bariatric surgeon which OB practices specialize in such patients and you will do well. Good Luck. Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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