Can You Still Become Pregnant After Going Through Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

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Pregnancy after Brazilian Butt

Absolutely.  Brazilian Butt lift surgery does not affect your ability to get pregnant in the future.  Fluctuations in weight may affect the results of your surgery.

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Weight gain or loss after Brazilian Butt Lift

Yes you can still get pregnant.  Weight gain and or weight loss will most likely affect your results.  You should have children and be at your ideal weight for 6 months before undergoing the procedure. 

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OK to get pregnant after Brazilian Butt Lift

It is OK to get pregnant after a brazilian butt lift, make sure you stay healthy and maintain a healthy amount of weight gain throughout your pregnancy to maintain your results.

You can do it before or after having children.... it has no effect on your ability to have kids.

No, the Brazilian Butt Lift will have no affect on your ability to have children. I agree with Dr Williams. If pregnancy is in your plans for the near future, you may want to wait until after finished having children. Women's figures tend to change with pregnancy, and you might not need this procedure, or you might need or want something else.

Pregnant after Brazilian Butt Lift

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There is nothing about a brazilian butt lift that would prevent you from becoming pregnant. You may loose some of the contour improvement though... if you have immediate plans to have more children, have the children first.

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