Pregnancy Hernia?

I had a baby on 9-4. Ever since then, my AB muscles hurt. I am fine when laying down or sitting, but once I start moving around it hurts. My lower back hurts too. Also, when I sit up my laying down there is a "raised ridge" that goes down the center of my belly button. What is this?

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Hernia After Pregnancy

You must have a good baby, most women that are a few weeks post partum are too tired to see there abdomen let alone care what it looks like.  Having said that you I would say you have a diastasis(separation) of your rectus muscles which is very common after pregnancy.  It will probably get a little better over time but ultimately you may need to have surgery to bring the muscles back together.


What you are seeing when you sit up is bulging out of your abdominal cavity.  It will take many situps to tighten the muscles and decrease the bulge. Your back pain maybe related to delivery, or perhaps and epidural.

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Abdominal seperation with pregancy

Congratulations on having a baby. While its clearly too early for any cosmetic surgery you could be experiencing a rectus diastasis in which the abdominal muscles are spread apart by pregnancy.  This may continue to improve as you recover from your pregnancy further, but some patients will go on to request an abdominoplasty to correct the muscle laxity.  At this point I agree that follow-up with your OBGYN in the first step.  Regards, Dr. Kerr

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Pregnancy Hernia

I agree with Dr. Pousti - see your OB/Gyn or PCP. You need a physician to examine you in order to provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Hernia after Pregnancy?

Thank you for the question, but a definitive/accurate response would require physical examination. Based on your history you may be dealing with a separation of the abdominal wall muscles (dastasis recti)  or abdominal wall hernia.

 I would suggest that you raise your concerns with your OB/GYN or primary care physician.

Best wishes.

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