Will Pregnancy and Lactation Bring my Nipples Slightly Down?

i had an breast augmentation surgery 2 years ago ,i had a 300cc implant that was slighly large on my body because im thin but i love the size..the only thing that i dont like that my nipples are high its not a bottoming out but they are high ..im programming to be pregnant so im asking could pregnancy and lactation bring that nipple slighly down at least bring them to the center especially if i will lactate?

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Pregnancy related change in the breasts is unpredictable

Hi there-

Every woman is different in the way her body responds to the changes of pregnancy, and so it would be impossible to predict what the change in shape you should expect.

Enjoy your pregnancy and the growth of your family- then once your family is complete, visit your plastic surgeon for an assessment of where your breasts are and what (if any) changes in them you would like to see.

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Breast Changes after Pregnancy

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict what will happen to your breasts during and / or after pregnancy.   My best suggestion is to enjoy your pregnancy and new infant and follow up with your plastic surgeon 3 months after you have stopped breast feeding.

Best Wishes!

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Nipple position

It is difficult to say where your nipple position will be after pegnancy.  If they are high to begin with, they may  not drop significantly.

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Nipple Position After Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

After pregnancy and breast feeding, it is not unusual for some women to feel that the breast tissue and skin has sagged a little.  It is simply a consequence of the breasts being larger for an extended period of time, then trying to shrink back up once the hormonal process is back to normal.  In theory, this could lead to the nipples sitting slightly lower on the implants themselves, but in reality there is no way to know until it happens.  It really just depends on how well the breasts contract back once the volume shrinks back down.  In theory it could help position the nipples slightly lower, but only time will tell. I hope this helps.

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