Is It Okay to Take Prednisone 2 Weeks After Fat Transfer Procedure?

I had a fat transfer 2 weeks ago inside my inner thighs, the swelling is huge the doctor told me to take prednisone, is this safe after 2 postoperative weeks??? Please help

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Fat transfer

Fat transfer to inner thighs? treating bad results of liposuctiion???

If that is the case and have ruled out other complications as infection, hematoma, seroma. I try compression garment, low sodium intake.

If this is for correcting bad results of liposuction then there is scar in the area and that may cause persistent swelling. then cortisone may help

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Swelling after fat injections

Prednisone is not uncommonly prescribed after a procedure that induces much swelling but there are reasons for swelling that should be ruled out prior to the prescription such as bleeding underneath called a hematoma. If it is edema fluid from serum, not blood, then many doctors might prescribe this once any infection is ruled out. Your doctor, and only your doctor, can make this recommendation specifically for you.

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