Need to Predict Final PRK Result for GLASSES I Am Getting NOW?

9 years ago I had LASIK on my -4.75 eye 5 weeks ago, that eye was -0.75, so I had a PRK enhancement. The Rx is now: Sphere +0.50 Cyl -0.25 Axis 040 Apparently there is a degree of REGRESSION, so they over correct. What's my likely FINAL prescription with this eye.. What Rx would be the minimum without asking to have another enhancement? If the eye remains at +0.50, should I have another PRK enhancement? I would like my glasses to reflect my FINAL results rather than my current Rx.

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Vision after PRK

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Depends on a lot of things - I would not expect this result to stabilize for at least 3-6 months.  If the correction stands as is, you would not likely need glasses for many things at a distance.  Depending on your age, you might glasses for reading.  More than likely the small prescription that is there now will change over the next few months so I would do nothing.  Good Luck

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