What Precedure Can Achieve Hour Glass Waist? (photo)

I want the hip to waist ratio as seen in the pictures submitted. As you can see the girl has no fat on her stomach, i am thin myself but not to this extreme. Do you think with lipsuction it will be able to carve out this hour glass shape alone? or is there any procedure available that affect the bone shape and how safe is it?

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Finese Abdominoplasty

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Your result depends on what you start with and what you ; have now: as a ratio. That said, liposuction with muscle shortening by surgical means is always useful to achieve better waist creation as pregnancy and weight gain weakens and causes muscles not to function due to their laxity. We call this a  "Finese Abdominoplasty" . But hopefully,no one will promise what is not attainable so pre op exam would be necessary with a board certified plastic surgeon who DOES this frequently.

Liposuction for an Hourglass Figure

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Hello. While it is difficult to tell you exactly which procedures will suit your needs the best, a combination of liposuction and 3D body sculpture with fat grafting has the potential to deliver an hourglass figure. To get a specific plan based on your body, schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.


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Extreme Liposuction - Is It Safe And Does It Look Good?

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Everyone's body is different and the relationship of your hips to your rib cage determines, very often, whether you can attain an hour glass figure or not.  Liposuction is meant to eliminate excessive fat and make one look normal.  Attempting to use liposuction to get abnormal curves can lead to very strange looks which cannot be corrected.  Board Certified Plastic Surgeons rarely engage in such activity.  

I think your question is a fair one and the answer is, it probably won't look good and it's probably not safe.   

Achieving “Hour Glass” Waist?

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As you can imagine, it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination or viewing pictures. However, when I see patients in consultation who are  looking into achieving him a somewhat “extreme” look,  I caution them to be very careful about what they are planning. It is likely that you will find a surgeon who will agree to do the procedure and it is also very likely that you will end up with complications. Also, patients who are trying to achieve the look that you have communicated, are at risk for developing eating disorders...

 Please be very careful about your goals.  Discussed these goals with more experienced family members around you and seek counseling ( body image) if necessary.

Best wishes.

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