What Precautions Can a Surgeon Take to Increase the Chances of Getting a Natural Slope in a Breast Augmentation? (photo)

At first I thought the natural or gentle slope of the upper pole of the breasts are determined by the size of the implant. That is, a smaller implant will generate a more natural result. However, I have seen some women who start out with very small breasts and got very huge implants (600cc or more on a small frame) which gave them F cup or more and were still able to get a very gentle slope on their top of their breasts. What precautions should be taken to ensure a natural slope of breasts?

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"Natural" Appearance Breast Augmentation

A "natural" appearing breast augmentation result can be obtained with proper preoperative planning including not limited to size of implant, type of implant used and operative technique employed.   

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Precise implant placement is critical to a natural look in breast augmentation.

Precise placement of the implant centered under the nipple usually leads to a more natural slope. 

High profile implants tend not to have a natural slope.

Also, keep in mind that large implants can cause problems, especially if they are wider than the width of your breast.

The photos you attached are have been retouched so there is no way of knowing if this model has rippling, implant palpability or any of the other problems that can be caused by large implants.

Large implants can look good for about 3-5 years, then they can take a toll on your breast tissue and skin.

I hope this helps.

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Achieving a natural slope with breast implants.

There are two principles in achieving a natural upper pole in breast augmentation: Implant size/shape and amount of soft tissue coverage of the implant. Choosing lower profile, smaller implants will lead to less projection of the breast and an improved slope from the upper pole. Higher profile implants certainly give a "fuller" look, but will also have a more acute angle in the upper pole of the breast. The soft tissue coverage is critical as well. In women with smaller breasts and less fat, implant coverage in the upper pole is achieved by placing the implants underneath the pectoralis muscle. This gives ample camouflage to the implant and creates a nice transition from the chest wall to the breast. If an implant is placed on top of the muscle, the upper pole of the breast may take on a "shelf" appearance if the soft tissue is thin.



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A natural slope

Have the right size implant placed in the proper position. Most of the time too large implants placed too high with capsule contractures can give the upper pole fullness. Don't go too big and it should be fine, especially if it is place above the muscle.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Chances of Getting a Natural Slope in a Breast Aug?Answr:

A natural slope depends on several factors. A woman's anatomy, the size of the implant, under vs. over the muscle, and the doctors ability to get it in a good position for that result, all have an influence. My norm is for the most natural result anyway, but if patients want even more, then I have a conversation with them about whether I think all the factors will "line up" for that!

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Natural Slope to an Augmented Breast

Good question, it allows us to discuss several important points. The first point is professional photographs. I have quite a few patients who are professional models either in men's magazines or elsewhere. I can guarantee they look nothing like their pictures which have uniformaly been digitally altered after the photoshoot.

Secondly, if you look at medical websites about breast augmentation and look at reasonbly sized augmentations, you will notice that all of the patient's postop pictures show results that have a similar look to their preop photo but with more volume. If they have more breast tissue and a gently sloped breast, that tissue will be in front of their implants and will still show the gentle slope. If they have almost no breast tissue the post op photo will look like a breast implant like your middle picture.


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Natural slope in breast augmentation

A natural look and natural slope can be achieved with breast augmentation in two ways. A submuscular placement of the implant will improve the upper breast slope. Fat injection to the upper pole of the breast can also be used to blend the upper slope and create a more natural appearance.

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Gentle slope?

A gently slope will develop over time when the implants settle, but it really depends upon how much soft tissue coverage one has in the superior pole. The photos you posted, show the womea with a better slope (in my opinion before implants).

Steven Wallach, MD
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Natural results from breast augmentation

A natural result depends on the implant shape/size, placement and your pre-surgery breast shape. It is important that a variety of measurements are taken before your surgery (such as breast width and chest circumference) to help you determine what would give you the most natural result. Please note that it takes about 3-4 months for the breasts to adopt a more natural breast contour after surgery, as tissue expansion and gravity work their magic. Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon for a better assessment of your concern. Best of luck.

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Alot of this comes down to the anatomy of the patient, the same implant in two people will look dramatically different. A natural slope occurs when a patient has a good amount of soft tissue coverage with a reasonable but not too large of an implamnt 

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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