Pre-workout Drinks Before Surgery? (photo)

I noticed this morning that the label on my pre-workout drink says to stop 2 weeks before surgery. I mentioned this to my PS who is not worried because I am otherwise healthy, but I am a nurse who worries about EVERYTHING. I checked my BP, heart rate, and INR this morning, all of which were normal. What are the risks related to surgery and taking pre-workout drinks? I have included a photo of the product label. The last time I used it was on 3/19, and my surgery is scheduled for 3/21. Thanks!

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Plastic Surgeon Not Worried about Energy Drink Prior to Tummy Tuck

    The warning label on the drink is due to the stimulants in the drink including caffeine and synephrine.  This may have little more effect than a cup of coffee or two.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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