I Was a Pre-Vivor "Trailblazer" but Have Had Complications. Please Help with my Next Decision? (photo)

I had prof. mastectomy '02 w/360cc (low prof.). TOO small. Went up to 450cc's 20 HP. They were ok. After 10 yrs. switched & Dr. put me in 650cc's 20 prof. style. (14.2 D/5.9P) I have been uncomfortable w/nerve synapses/pain. They are too wide! I have Surg. this week & need to figure out if I should go w: Style 20 425cc's (12.D/5.2P) OR Style 45 460cc's. (11.9D/5.9P) My dr. says it is a matter of preference (look) & either will work. Plz help! Afraid to go to narrow w/too high projection!

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I Was a Pre-Vivor "Trailblazer" but Have Had Complications. Please Help with my Next Decision?

Very  hard to advise via internet and the in clothing posted photo really no help. Why not drop only 50 to 75 cc?? is my question. As for diameter, the wider the more chance this b[=nerve pain will continue in my opinion. 

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Implant exchange with high profile or ultra high profile implants

If you like the amount of projection you have now, you may be underwhelmed by the high profile/style 20 425ml implant. However, if you want your breasts to be smaller as well as more narrow, then a 425 or 450 implant may work well. They're the same width, so they should both fill the width of your chest the same. Please realize that surgery to improve pain doesn't always work. That said, reducing your implant size by 200ml or so should alleviate at least some discomfort. Good luck.

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