Pre-Fraxel Treatment and Fraxel Laser? (photo)

I was told to put a handmade prescription bleaching cream 1 month on the scar area prior to Fraxel Treatment on the area. Why is that? Also, the type of fraxel machine is called Erbium fractional resurfacing laser with wavelength of 1550nm. Is that the "correct" type of fraxel that treat old indented scars? (moderate/deep type of old indented scar 5+years old).

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Pre-Fraxel Treatment and Fraxel Laser

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Prior to Fraxel treatments, it is important to use a bleaching cream to reduce risk of hyperpigmentation post treatment.  Hyperpigmentation post treatment is more common in darker skin patients.  There are many Fraxel laser machines on the market.  The Fraxel 1550 is most commonly used for treatment of atrophic acne scars (indented scars), surgery scars.  With this laser treatment, most patients need 1-5 treatments for best results.  The Fraxel treatment will help resurface the skin and stimulate collagen to improve wrinkles and acne scars.

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Laser for #scar treatment

this is a great question. how helpful lasers are for scars? well, it depends on the type of scars. Im sure the doctor you have chosen to take care of you knows what he/she is doing and the questions you have asked are best answered by the person who will be operating the laser device on your face. good luck!

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