Upper bleph revisited and again not enough removed. Now what? (Photo)

At 60, 2 years ago I had upper bleph surgery. Within days it was obvious that insufficient skin/fat was removed from the inside corner of both eyes. Was told to wait blah blah but I knew what I knew. 18mths on the p.s. accepted/acknowledged my dissatisfaction to be genuine and tweaked the bleph free of charge. However AGAIN I can see that not enough has been removed. Incidently the doctor's skills are otherwise exceptional! I am 5 days out with stitches removed yesterday. Besides wait what now?

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5 days post op blepharoplasty and dissatisfied

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Thank you for sharing your concerns. Without seeing photos or evaluating you in person it is difficult to give you sound advice. At only 5 days post op, it would be nearly impossible to judge the final appearance of your eyelids and there is nothing that can be done until 6 months have passed. See your doctor to discuss concerns or get a second opinion from another experienced eyelid expert. You might want to consider reposting your question with photos. I hope this helps.
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Medial canthus

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You are referring to the medial canthus and it's difficult to comment without photos. This area is difficult to treat as the anatomy does not allow for repeated excess skin removal as a simple solution to a perceived problem. It's best to sit down with your surgeon to go over your anatomy and go over future options, perceived expectations, and the pros/cons and limitations of treatment.

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