How Many Practitioners Perform the Suture Method for Asian Eyelids in the US?

Is the suture method to alter the crease of the eyes popular in Japan and Korea?

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Asian eyelid surgery

My approach to Asian eyelid surgery depends on what the patient wants to achieve.  Contrary to popular belief, most Asian still want to I reserve their ethnic appearance, they just want to get rid of a tired or heavy appearance.  It does take a different approach as well as an artistic sense to make them look natural.

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Asian blepharoplasty through a suture technique how many surgeons perform this in US

Asian blepharoplasty through a suture technique how many surgeons perform this in US. It is extremely hard to determine this in the US. I would research doctors and look at their before and afters.

Philip Young, MD
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Frequency of suture eyelid surgeons in US

My experience is that suture techniques are extremely popular in Japan, and about 50-50 in Korea. Because the suture technique works better in thin eyelids, the procedure seems well suited for certain ethnic groups within Asia. Other factors involved are: recovery times, costs, surgical experience of the doctor, patient anatomy. 

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Asian Eyelid Suture Method

There are many different ways to perform Asian eyelid surgery, however each has its pro and cons.  What is not important is how many practitioners perform the procedure, but finding the best way to achieve the results you desire from a qualified specialist.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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How many practitioners perform the suture technique for Asian eyelids?

There are many doctors out there performing suture only technique Asian eyelid surgery, including myself.  I use it when it's on the right patient and that is what they desire.  What's important to know is that there are many doctors out there who are not surgeons who perform this procedure for all of their eyelids because they can't do it any other way.  The are not trained in or experienced in actual eyelid surgery.

An experienced surgeon should talk to you about your surgical options and why some are right for you and others are not.  Review the pros and cons.

Suture only technique.  Pros:  looks great, done quickly, heal in 1 to 3 days, can be long lasting (over 7 years) in the right patient.  Con: in some patients it may no last more than 3 to 5 years.

Incision or cut techniques.  Pros: Looks great, better ability to customize your lid, permanent.  Cons:  Slightly higher risks and healing time is 6 to 9 days.


Hope that helps.

Dr. Chase Lay

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Asian eyelids

The suture technique to address asian eyelids is very common, there is no way to know how many surgeons use this technique.  I personally use it on 50% of my asian eyelids, I usually perfer this technique on younger patients as I find older patients need some skin excision as well.

Robert Schwarcz, MD
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Suture technique is common here and in Asia

I have observed the best plastic surgeons in Tokyo, Seoul, and other Asian cities using suture technique for about 2/3 of their double eyelid operations. I do both suture technique and the open/incisional technique with the CO2 laser. Most surgeons in Asia consider the suture technique to be as reliable as the cutting technique. Both approaches have complications, and the commonest ones are asymmetry or creases that come out early.

Make sure your surgeon does a lot of Asian eyelid operations, and can show you pictures of patients with eyelids like yours that have had a successful operation.


Jeffrey Schiller, MD
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Who knows but it is available.

It is so popular in Asia because it is relatively cheap.  However, it is often not a very lasting procedure.  If you are going to have this procedure, be certain that it is being perform by a surgeon who uses sterile technique.  Please do not be surprised if the results to not last very long.

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How Many Practitioners Perform the Suture Method for Asian Eyelids in the US?

The exact number of surgeons performing the suture technique is not a published figure. You may consider having your eyes evaluated to see if you are a candidate for this procedure first. I learned it from a Korean plastic surgeon and for the right patient, it is an excellent method for natural lookinf crease formation.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
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