I Need a Practitioner Who Will Allow Me to Purchase the Product on my Own and Just Charge Me an Injection Fee?

I'm an NP who is certified in Botox and fillers. I have a small client base and provide these services as a second income. I work in a medical practice as my primary job. I am looking for a practitioner who will allow me to purchase the product on my own ( since I have access to them) and only charge me an injection fee. My collabrative MD doesn't do aesthetics, and the nurse who did my Botox doesn't do fillers. Any suggestions?

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Charging only an injection fee when you bring in your own product...won't happen!

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Your question sounds innocent enough until you consider what could happen in the worst case scenario.  Without being the one who purchases the product, the physician has no idea what you are asking to be injected in you.  He is responsible for the results and complications.  The product you bring to your visit could be imitation, stored improperly, contaminated, etc..  Why would any doc want to risk having unforeseen issues with material brought in by the client?  My advice is to seek out an experienced Plastic Surgeon/Derm/Facial Plastic Surgeon injector.  Your face is not an area to search for deals.

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