Is PPX Effective on Pores?

I want to know whats best for blackheads and pores? I dont really get pimples or blemishes. I have more oily /combination skin and tend to get more pores from makeup. I want to reduce or elimate the pores so I can wear natural makeup? Thanks

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PPX Photopneumatic treatments for blackheads and pores

Isolaz Photopneumatic therapy (PPx) uses a combination of vacuum and broad band light (BBL) to remove blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed papules and pustules that occur with acne. This essentially deep cleans the pores and destroys the bacteria implicated in acne breakouts. The treatments are typically used in conjunction with oral and /or topical medications that work to control acne.

For your needs it looks like you will need to optimize your home skin care regimen to allow for better skin cell turnover so that your pores don't look as prominent and in all likelihood change your make up to one that does not settle into your pores to make them more apparent. I highly recommend Colorescience Mineral makeup. To jump-start your new skin care and makeup regimen, with one or two Isolaz treatments.

An alternative is to jump-start your new skin care and mineral makeup regimen with a peel series or a few deep pore cleansing facials that would likely include extractions.

You can reduce the size of your pores, however you cannot eliminate or reduce the number of your pores.

Good Luck!

Seattle Otolaryngologist

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