Aesthera PPx or Lightsheer Laser--best for Long-term Hair Removal?

I am about to start treatment and decided to go for PPx just because it was cheaper, but I am having serious doubts now. If it does not have as good results as Lightsheer diode, then I'd rather pay more. What do you recommend?

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Aesthera vs. Lightsheer

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Hello MayMay,

We have not found that any of the BBL (Broad Band Light) or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) are superior to lasers for hair removal. The broad spectrum of light used in IPL and BBL treatments does not have the same attraction to hair because of the very nature of the light it uses -- many different types of light rather than one (as with the Lightsheer). We believe you will always get better (permanent) results with laser hair removal and are not convinced this is available from any IPL or BBL technology.

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