Wimpy Patient Looking For a Practice?

I would like to find a practice in the Rockville Bethesda MD area that doesn't mind dealing with very wimpy and squeamish patients. I'm interested in Juvederm, maybe a procedure like Thermage or Ulthera, schlerotherapy, and maybe some coolsculpting.

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Here are the links the the board certified doctors who are qualified to perform each of these below:


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FInd a practice that will numb you with a topical anesthetic before injecting Juvederm

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I know how you feel! I do not like pain either.  That's why I always offer my patients a topical anesthetic that can be applied by my nurses one hour before your Juvederm injection.  The same goes for sclerotherapy for leg vein injections.  Thermage does not hurt! Best to look for an experienced injector who is board certified for these procedures and not a clinic setting.

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