Ptosis Surgery 6 Months Ago. Lid is Starting to Droop Slightly. What Can I Do?

Had cornea transplant 3 hrs ago and developed potisis in that eye. Had surgery6 months ago everything looked good.I have noticed a slight droop again in the same eye.should I have the musle tightened again. Awaiting for your advise. Thanks. Neville.

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If the lid is starting to droop you should go to see the doctor

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If you have had ptosis surgery 6 months ago and the lid is starting to droop you should go to see the doctor again. Sometimes the sutures can become loose and the lid can droop or change position. 3 months is a long enough time. Usually 3 months post surgery the lid is relatively stable in terms of where the position of the lid is going to rest. If it’s starting to droop again, it may be that something else is causing the droop and you want to be sure it is not a systemic problem.

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Recurrent Ptosis

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It really depends on how much ptosis is present.  Certainly re-operation is an option.  Topical medicaments are also an option  for very slight/mild ptosis.

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Recurrent ptosis

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Ptosis can recur after surgery that seems to have an initial excellent result. There can be a lot of factors. In your case, did you recently have a corneal transplant? Any ocular surgery can change the eyelid height, mainly due to inflammation and swelling associated with the eye surgery. Much of these changes will resolve with time.

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