What Are the Potential Side Effects of Gentle:YAG on Face for Redness?

I've had 2 pulsed dye laser treatments with little success. My doctor suggested that I consider the Gentle:YAG. He mentioned blistering is possible. What are the potential side effects of this treatment? If I had PDL with no side effects (other than purpura), what are the chances I'll have side effects from YAG? Thank you!

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GentleYag a good option for facial veins

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After the Pulsed Dye Laser, my GentleYag (a long pulsed Nd:Yag laser) is my favorite modality for treating distinct facial vessels.  It has the advantage of not causing purpura (bruising), and can treat deeper vessels than the Pulse Dye.  The risk of blister, and potentially scarring, is very small if appropriate fluences (energy) are used-- but this risk is greater than with the Pulsed Dye.  Treatment is otherwise similar to the pulse dye, with the sensation of a hot rubber band or fine needle prick sensation with each pulse.  Often the discomfort is slightly less than the Pulsed Dye.

I do not feel the GentleYag is a good option for general redness or "blush/flush"--- it is best for distinct blood vessels.  For general "blush/flush", I consider the Pulsed Dye the best option, followed by IPL.

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