Potential Laser Lipo Risks

I have excess abdominal fat which I can't seem to shift. I exercise daily and am within recommended healthy weight range. I'm thinking of having Laser Liposuction, but I'm concerned about how safe it is. What are the potential risks of Laser Liposuction procedures?

Doctor Answers 1

Laser Liposuction has less chance of skin irregularities but there is a risk of skin injury

Laser liposuction uses a laser fiber to melt fat and tighten skin before any suction is done. Initial results with laser liposuction, a new technique, do show smoother skin and better skin tightening than with traditional liposuction, in my hands.

Because the laser liposuction fiber heats the fat, as in ultrasonic liposuction, there is the risk that the skin can be burned if the doctor gets too close to the skin with the laser.

It is important if you are considering laser liposuction that you consult a doctor who is experienced with this technique and ask about the risk of skin injury by the laser.

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