Tightening - Is There a Posterior Thigh Surgery Procedure?

I am interested in having the back of my thighs tightened. I lost weight rapidly, and am having difficulty tightening the back of my legs with exercise and proper diet. I am thin and fit, at 5'06 and 115, however I lost 15 pounds very fast, and the result is Loose/sagging skin and extreme orange peel surface. Is there a procedure called Posterior Thigh Surgery, and can you tell me a bit about it? Any information is appreciated.

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Cellulite and posterior thigh tightening

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Exercise alone can never tighten loose sagging skin. If the skin excess is only slight the exercise may have a beneficial effect by increasing the muscle size to fill in the skin envelope. 15 pounds is not that much weight compared to what some individuals lose. I suspect the problem you describe is more a case of cellulite than excess skin from massive weight loss. If that is the case endermology can give you a temporary improvement but would require repeated endermology treatments. If it is severe enough a thigh buttock lift procedure may also help.

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