Post 1 Year Fraxel Damage; Am 20, HAD Indian Light Brown Baby Smooth Skin?

Went to cheap spa 4 pearl laser from inexperienced assistant. Burned skin (required steroid cream from doctor), worse everyday; lines, track marks, ice pick scar, constantly deepening wrinkles everywhere, skin has slowed healing process, inability to retain moisture. Damages easily; sleeping with face in pillow results in permanent wrinkles and lines so I sleep on back. Elasticity & fat loss under eyes and many other places. Stunted hair growth. Obagi nuderm help? Plz doctors you recommend? HELP

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Laser complications

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the laser treatment you received seems like it has left you with some laser related complications. you must seek attention from a BC dermaologist and not use any OTC products until you are adviced by your doctor. I see a lot of complications from lasers and I have been asked for my expert opinion in many lawsuits. to be honest, the sooner you start the Rx the better the outocme.

good luck 

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