Post 3 weeks after ptosis & upper blepharoplasty. Hollow sunken eyes? (Photo)

Its post 3 wks after my surgery. I think my surgeon remove too much fats. Now i got very deep set and sunken eyes. Is it due to the swollen eyelids or the deep set sunken eyes will stay? Pls advise what can i do if it stays. Feeling extremely depress

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Sunken eyes

3 weeks after surgery is too soon to asses the final healing.  Many if the factors you discussed will change over the next 2 months.  The ptosis may or may not improve, the sunken look may or may not be the result of uneven swelling.  Your goal now should be patience.  I ma not saying you will not need revisional surgery, I am simply saying it is too early to tell.  I agree find a surgeon who has years of experience with good results and an impeccable track record and who is board certified in plastic surgery or opthalmology with a fellowship in oculoplastic surgery.  

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Your eyes are not happy.

There is upper eyelid and eyelash ptosis.  The upper eyelid fold skin is not well controlled.  The eyelids do look hollow.  All of this can be improved with revisional surgery.  It is important to let the eyelids heal first.  I generally recommend waiting 6 months before having the revisional work.  It is essentially that you see a surgeon who actually knows who to perform this work.  There are not very many of us.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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