Pain After Vaginoplasty

A week after vaginoplasty, I'm still get a piercing kind of pain in my vaginal area, along with a little white discharge. Is there a problem or will it settle down once the stitches completely dissolve?

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Post vaginoplasty pain is very common

Post Vaginoplasty pain is very common and typically related to muscle spasms from the repair. In many instances this is unavoidable and quite similar to what we observe following muscle repair in abdominoplasty.

In the initial post-operative period the pain can be managed with narcotics (vicodin or norco) with the use of muscle relaxants such as valium or flexeril. Later in the healing period anti-inflammatory medications such as motrin or celebrex may be useful due to their non-sedating qualities. In rare instances of severe pain suppositories are available for localized delivery of relief.

Later in the course of your healing, many physicians will advise a course of vaginal massages with dilators or digital stretching to help soften the scar and prepare you for vaginal penetration in the course of normal sexual activity. Kegel exercises will help strengthen maintain and support the repair.

The whitish drainage you descibe may be one of several things. It is most likely suture reaction. However, it sounds early for this adn generally appears and increases 2-4 weeks after surgery. At this point in time it may be an early yeast infection but this will become more apparent and is associated with pain, whitish drainage/discharge, odor and itching. This may require medical therapy.

Once you are comfortable with the exercises, it is likely that at 8-12 weeks after surgery, you can resume sexual activity with little concern for causing any problems.

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Please see your doctor.

I am sorry that you are having difficulty. Sounds like something is going on that needs to be evaluated by your doctor. Vaginoplasty can mean different things by different people. Some doctors will use the word vaginoplasty when they are doing a labial reduction only. Other doctors use the term vaginoplasty when they are operating on the introitus (the entrance to the vagina). After labial reduction you should not have very much pain at all. Patients in my practice say that it is not painful. Surgery on the vagina can be slightly more painful if work was done on the muscles of your vagina.

What you describe needs to be evaluated. May just be a suture abscess (basically a localized infection around a suture-like a big pimple), and this can be very painful. However there may be a bigger problem that needs treatment.

Hope this helps.

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Vaginoplasty recovery.

What you describe is normal for one week following vaginoplasty surgery.At this time  it is common to have both pain and a small amount of  discharge. Both  should improve with time. . Make sure you fowwol up with your surgeon at regular intervals.

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Pain and Discharge afetr vaginoplasty

One week after surgery it is common to have both pain and discharge, however both copnditions should improve with time. With a true Vaginoplasty, there can be pain and tightness for several weeks. Make sure you fowwol up with your doctor.

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Healing Following Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

Swelling can persist for two or three months but ice can help reduce swelling. #Postoperative care should consist of sitz baths or soaking the area in warm soapy water starting approximately 2 days after a surgery. The sutures will dissolve over the course of several weeks.
Also, due to the nature of the tissue in the labial area it is not unusual to have unequal amounts of swelling which generally should improve and become more symmetric over several weeks.
We recommend to our patients that they wait six to eight weeks before resuming physical activity and sexual #intercourse. If you had a #vaginoplasty it is also recommended that some stretching exercises of the surgical site start at six weeks to soften any scarring that may occur and to make the sexual experience more comfortable after surgery. This stretching exercise is not needed if you had a labiaplasty alone.
If you have certain concerns about the #healing process, it is recommended to call your board-certified surgeon or their medical staff and discuss those #concerns.

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Pain After Vaginoplasty

Pain this close to your surgery date can be completely expected. However, I recommend reaching out to your surgeon anyways. It's important to make sure this isn't out of the ordinary for the surgery you received. Vaginal surgeries can be confusing in name and for a vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty, muscle spasms are a primary complaint for our patients. We prescribe a pain medication and muscle relaxer to help alleviate the symptoms during the first 2 weeks especially. 

Either way, reach out to your surgeon. They should be able to assist and provide you comfort and feedback on your recovery. 

Happy healing

Pain After Vaginoplasty

It is not unusual to experience pain and some discharge following vaginoplasty in the first week.  In addition to mucosal reduction the vaginal muscle sling is also tightened and that will be the source of some pain and it settles down. Follow-up with your Plastic Surgeon is essential.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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There is pain after vaginoplasty if muscles were tightened

If the muscles were tightened, as well as portion of the lining of the vagina. You will have pain for thre to six weeks.

If the muscles were not tightened there should be no pain after the first week.

The discharge should be investigated by the surgeon. It could be due to infection or if you are on antibiotics it could be yeast infection. Either way it must be checked.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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