Is It Possible to Have a Post Tummy Tuck/hernia Injury 2 Months Out?

I had abdominoplasty and umbical hernia surgery 2 months ago. No lipo. I have not done any strenous exercise or lifting. Out of the blue, I experienced a loud audible pop near where the hernia was. Since then it has been swollen and tender to the touch, tends to pop if move the wrong way or cough and there is an indentation that wasn't there before, at the line where my waist cincher met the bra. Could I have popped the internal stitches? or moved the mesh? What is this? :(

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It is possible

It is possible to have a recurrence of your hernia, or possibly the diastasis of your abdominal wall (assuming it was repaired during surgery).  The best thing to do is be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon if you want a more accurate diagnosis.

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Recurrent Diastasis / Hernia

From your description and the pictures, it appears that the sutures above your belly button or upper abdomen have broken and you have a recurrent diastasis or separation of the muscles leading to an abdominal bulge.  Without seeing you in person, it is impossible to know for sure.  There is no way to fix this except to have another surgery.  While this is a very, very uncommon thing to happen, it appears that this may be what happened to you.


Good Luck.

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Pull and pop after tummy tuck, hernia repair

It is possible for a suture to break two months after hernia repair with your tummy tuck. If mesh was used in the repair it is likely that the area will be bound into scar as the mesh has healed in. Use a binder or support and check in with your surgeon.

Best of luck,


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Is It Possible to Have a Post Tummy Tuck/hernia Injury 2 Months Out?

Unfortunately you describe a losened/rolled mesh or released suture. Seek immediate medical care, please. 

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Tummy tuck

Both tummy tuck and a hernia repair involve sutures to repair the muscle. Although less likely over time it is certainly possible to have a suture pull through or break two months after surgery.

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