Post Tummy Tuck Concerns - Should I be concerned about this area or am I being overly paranoid? (Photo)

So, I'm 1 1/2 post-op on a tummy tuck and I'm getting kind of antsy. I still have one pump in me which will most likely be out on Wednesday. I don't know if its just still swelling but being right near the incision, I'm concerned it might be an overlapping or something. I still have loose skin so I know he didn't fully tighten everything and I didn't get lip because it wasn't needed.

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Post Tummy Tuck Concerns

I assume you mean 1 1/2 weeks post-op. Give it some time to heal and a little down the road if you still have concerns contact your surgeon. 

Nebo Plastic Surgeon
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Lateral fullness is normal after abdominoplasty

Thanks for your pic and ? The area you are concerned about does not seem overly full. That swelling likely will go down over the next couple of months. It is doubtful you will need a correction, but even if it had to be addressed it would be a minor office procedure in all likelihood. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Surface irregularities after tt

At present, it is too early to be concerned about your appearance.  The main thing is that the wound is healthy and you are safe and not having complications.

The small lump may sort itself out, or it may require a small in office revision in 6 months to a year, but nobody can say.  Do discuss it with your doctor, but do not get amped up about it, as many things will change over time.



Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
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Early post op tummy tuck

You may well be a little over paranoid. Since your drains are still in its only early since surgery. Even just suturing of the deep layer can cause an overlying area of thickness. You have a lot of healing to do. Be patient and follow with your surgeon.

Terrence Murphy, MD
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Mild asymmetry (early) after a Tummy Tuck

It is much, much too early to be concerned about that small area of fullness.  There is still a lot swelling at this stage.  It will really take 4-6 months before you will fully know the results.  So, at this point, do not worry.   We all want results "RIGHT NOW," but healing from an abdominoplasty takes several months.  Even if this persisted after 6 months or so, it could be easily remedied.  Be patient and don't worry.  Best of luck!

Eric T. Emerson, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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Early asymmetry after an abdominoplasty is not unusual

You are still very early in the recovery process and I would not be too concerned about the shape or symmetry at this time.  It will take another 3 -6 months before you can judge the final result.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Too early to tell

You are VERY early post-op and there is a lot going on in your healing. Tissues are still swollen, skin is still retracting. Things are going to change a lot over the next few weeks and months. So, don't make any judgments right now, try to relax, and follow your doctor's instructions. Good luck!

Robert Stroup, Jr., MD, FACS
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Irregularity after tummy tuck

Way too early to judge!  Give yourself time to heal.  It should all settle nicely.  One your surgeon clears you to exercise start working your abs to get the best result.

Daniel Greenwald, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck healing just underway at 10 days

As you are just 10 days out from your procedure and still have pain pumps in place it is too soon to judge skin tone and laxity. Stick with your postop visits and time will sort things out.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Post-tummy tuck concerns

You still have a drainage pump and aren't even two weeks postop.  Healing is a process and takes time.  You obviously are still in active followup and will have the opportunity to discuss with your plastic surgeon at your next visit.  In terms of not fully tightening things up, it is much too early to reach that conclusion but if your skin has too much laxity, that would impose limitations on the result.  Without a preop photo, we don't know your starting point.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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