Post Tummy Tuck and Pseudogynecomastia - Two Questions? (photo)

Hello :) I've had my TT and pseudogynecomastia operation on 28/08, so it's been about two weeks. For my pseudogynecomastia, only liposuction was used. Today about 1/3 of my right nipple's areola turned brown in color and its skin flaky, the area around the nipple has some red bruises and the nipple itself does not react to stimulation. Is this anything to worry about? As for my TT, although all excess skin gone, my lower belly is not totally flat. Is this swelling and will go away? Thanks :)

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Two years after surgery.

Two years after surgfery is a long time.  The abdomen will not change, this is not swelling at thisa point.  The pigment i would have evaluated by a dermatologist for the pigment and the rash.

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