Post TT Trauma. Did I Rip Internal Sutures in my Upper Abdomen?

I am 10 weeks post procedure and fell on my hip on the ice. Now I have a terrible sharp pain in the center of my stomach between my bra line and my belly button. It is is especially painful when I cough. Could I have torn my internal sutures? The area is red and swollen. I can feel a bump underneath.

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Is muscle repair torn?

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eIt's hard to know for sure, especially without a physical exam.  Even then, it will be an educated guess.  Based on your description, it sounds like the fall caused some tearing of the sutures out of the muscle repair.  This can cause a localized bleeding (lump, redness, swelling) and the sharp pain.  It may not have completely torn the sutures or the muscle.

The best thing to do is go back to your plastic surgeon and get examined.  Often, we have to wait for swelling and inflamation to resolve before we can tell what is going on.  There are some things that can be treated right away, such as a hematoma that is large enough to drain.

Best of luck.

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Tummy Tuck and Fall?

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I'm sorry to hear about the trauma you have sustained.  You do provide a clear description of your exam which is consistent with disruption of some  abdominal wall plication sutures and/or hematoma. Immediate follow-up with your plastic surgeon is indicated.

Best wishes.

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