Post TT: Lower Ab Flat/upper Ab Protrudes

After the 1st TT, the upper ab protruded significantly while the lower ab was tucked in. The doctor did a 2nd operation and put in a "mesh" in my upper ab. After, he told me that the upper stitch (from the first procedure) had come undone, but also that my side muscles were very weak and that this 2nd operation might not solve the problem. Now, I can feel the mesh, the upper ab protrudes at least as much as it did (possibly more) and it is uncomfortable and hurts in spots.

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Protruding uppee abdomen

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I am sorry you are still having problems after two surgeries. Some patients just have more weakness than others and also the protrusion may be from a thick upper abdominal flap as well perhaps?

Persistent upper abdominal fullness after 2 tummy tucks

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There are many different possible explanations and at this point your options are to leave it untreated due to your high likelihood of recurrence or to consider seeking evaluation at a medical center where a reconstruction of the abdominal wall may be performed.

After tummy tuck, upper abdomen protrudes

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Dear Brooklyn,

I am sorry to hear of your dilemma. It is a difficult problem. Sometimes people are born with this condition, other times the patient when pregnant carries the baby high and this can happen. In any event, I try to determine it before the first tummy tuck and explain it to the patient and state that it may not be completely corrected. I over tighten the top to bring it in. If  this does not work the procedure your surgeon did with the mesh may just need additional tightening. Ask your surgeon about a "component abdominal wall repair". This procedure use all the muscles to tighten the area. He or she may need to refer you to another surgeon. Good Luck.

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