Post-traumatic Enophthalmos: Treatment Options, Urgency, Cost?

Hello, hy husband underwent an emergency reconstructive plastic surgery in Indonesia after a motorbike accident 2 months ago. He still has a 3mm enophthalmos in his right eye and persistent diplopia. Are there alternatives to surgical treatment? Would you recommend a surgery to correct enophthalmos as soon as possible, or should we wait 6 months after initial surgery (as doctors in Indonesia suggested)? How much a surgery like that could cost in the US if we do not have insurance? Thank you!

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Reconstructive eye surgery

He probably has a blow out fracture of the orbit.  This is when the floor of the orbit (bone around the eye) has been fractured and the contents behind the eye (fatty tissue and muscles) dip down and sink in.  If there is a fracture, it should be repaired as soon as possible.  If there is no fracture, then waiting 6 months is appropriate as swelling and the bodys natural healing can often change things on their own.  The cost of repair will depend on exactly what needs to be done.

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