Are These Post TCA Peel Burns and Hyperpigmentation Normal?

This past Monday, I tried an at-home 20% TCA peel and am nervous about the large areas of dark burns/hyperpigmentation that appeared after the frosting and washing off of the TCA peel. See pictures of my left and right cheeks and let me know if this is a normal reaction. Also, what products (I'm using Shea butter, hydrocortisone, 30SPF) should I use? BTW - I've used 50% Glycolic peels with no problems prior.

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Home peels are VERY dangerous. I have seen many permanent scars. You are experiencing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The reason is: you were not a good candidate for this peel. The reason you did not know that is: you are not a trained expert in dermatology. Please see a dermatologist immediately. This can be reversed and not be permanent if you get proper care early on. Good luck.

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