With Post TBI 17 Years Ago, Would a Botox Injection in the Wrist Help to Alleviate Spacticity?

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TBI, spasticity and Botox

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A good place to start is with a neurologst who has experience injecting Botox and some do for things like spasticity of the from cerebral palsy, problems with the back, migraines, etc etc. They can do nerve conduction studies and so on and figure out why you have this spasticity and perhaps offer Botox injections based on what they find. This is not a cosmetic Botox injection but therapeutic Botox injection and should be covered by medical insurance when done by a neurologist.

Botox Useful for Spasticity

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Yes! Botox can be a wonderful product to treat spasticity.  It has been used for many years for this application.  I hope this helps.


Marilyn Pelias, MD
New Orleans General Surgeon

Botox® after Traumatic Brain Injury

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Botox® is now being used for this indication, but to find out whether it is indicated or some surgical rebalancing of the muscles is what is indicated, you need to see a hand surgeon who specializes in spastic hand problems. Go to HandSurgery.org or ASSH.org to find a Hand Surgeon near you. Unfortunately, in spite of the previous advice, most neurologists have no understanding of this problem.


Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Botox and medical uses

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You'd need to consult with a neurologist, if you haven't already for your options at this point.

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