Post surgery, ear has these weird thing in the ear bowl. Need advice if it is a swelling or I need a corrective surgery? (photo)

I had performed otoplasty 6 weeks ago. As seen in the pics, the ear has now developed a disfiguration over the ear bowl. I was told this is a swelling and should subside in three months, but i was stressing out and got a second opinion. The second doctor advices that this is not a swelling and i need additional surgical procedure to correct this. Please help and offer me advice.

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Excess Skin in the Ear Bowl: Commonly seen After Otoplasty

Following otoplasty in which cartilage has been removed from the conchal bowl area of the ear, excess skin forms.  This is seen when the incision to remove cartilage is made behind the ear.  In most cases, the excess skin contracts and surgical removal is not needed.  The longer you wait, the better as the skin contraction takes time.  If by 6 months there is prominence of skin in the concha, a small excision of skin can be done under local anesthesia.  Really, no big deal!  Hope this helps......Dr. Bresnick

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